MASS has set the following organizational priorities :

The Executive Committee will work towards a three year MASS Action Plan which is directly linked to priorities identified by members at our Annual General Meeting.

The Professional Learning Committee with the Executive Committee will review the purpose, format, content and frequency of member sessions, in order to make them more responsive to members’ needs, including time for Book Club follow-up, reintroduction of the bear pit sessions in some form, and a wellness component such as Get a Life.

The Professional Learning Committee will work towards a three year comprehensive professional learning plan, which will be directly linked to the MASS Action Plan.

The Professional Learning Committee will plan at least one ethical leadership cohort in the coming year, which will be tied to the current work of MASS members.

The Public Relations and Membership Services Committee will select a group of books for the MASS book club that address an upcoming professional learning session, such as  Deeper Learning and/or Mental Health and Wellness.  MASS book club books will be posted to the MASS web site with short reviews written by members and book club discussions will become part of our MASS members sessions.

The Public Relations and Membership Services Committee with the Executive Director will align the theme of the MASS Journal to current MASS priorities and Professional Learning initiatives.

The Public Relations and Membership Services Committee will facilitate a session on contractual / legal issues for all members.

The Leadership Development Committee will plan and facilitate two leadership modules which will go deeper into some of the areas dealt with in the first three modules, according to requests of participants.

The Leadership Development Committee will work on developing a course which can be used by MASS members to meet the requirements of the 6 credit hours from the field that are allowed under the new Principals’ Certification Program and the MOU which MASS has signed.

The Legislation and Policy Committee will establish a multi-year rotation for review of all MASS policies and by-laws to ensure that current policy and practice are aligned and that appropriate policies are in place for MASS practices and procedures.

The Executive Director will hold regular meetings with regional chairpersons and will establish a rotation of attendance at regional meetings by the executive director and representatives of the executive.

The Executive Director will set up mechanisms to facilitate timely and effective two-way communication between the Executive Committee and the regional committees.

The Executive Director and the Past President will represent MASS on the board of CASSA.  MASS will work with CASSA to host the CASSA conference in Winnipeg in 2016, along with the CMHR.  The President, Vice President and the Executive Director will continue to meet with CEA leadership and will encourage reestablishment of CEA sponsored national CEO forums with the consideration of hosting such a forum in Manitoba in the future.