MASS members sit on a number of internal committees to help serve our membership – click on a committee name to view a member list.

                                                                                                           STANDING COMMITTEES

Student Learning:

The Student Learning Committee considers concerns and issues related to the Manitoba curriculum – including impacts on teaching, learning, reporting and assessing. Mass looks to this committee to inform and advise the Executive and the membership on important implications for us and to develop clear MASS positions on which to base our advocacy and action in the best interest of our students. This committee would connect with Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning to provide input from MASS on implementation in areas of curriculum and assessment.

Finance and Legislation:

The Finance and Legislation Committee monitors funding provided by the Province to school divisions and informs and advises the Executive and the membership on implications for school division budgeting and implementation of government programs. Members of this committee may also be appointed to serve on the Advisory Committee for Funding of Schools and through this avenue provide input from MASS into the funding formulas. The Committee advises and informs the Executive and the membership on emergent legislation and implications for policy.

Professional Learning:

The Professional Learning Committee plans, organizes and facilitates professional learning for MASS members, including the MASS Members Meet days, the MASS Summer Institute, the November Conference, the Ethical Leadership sessions and biannual Educating for ACTion conference.

Advocacy and Member Support:

The Advocacy and Member Support Committee ensures that MASS has a strong profile with members and the public, and that MASS communications are effective – including the MASS website, the MASS Journal and the MASS Book Club. This committee also ensures that members are supported with current and accurate contractual information and that new members receive orientation and mentorship support.
The Committee develops, reviews and maintains MASS policies.

Leadership Development:

The Leadership Development Committee looks for the best ways in which to develop and promote leadership of senior administrators in Manitoba school divisions. Based on research into models from other provinces, this committee is facilitating the development and facilitation of made-in-Manitoba Leadership Modules on areas of direct concern to working superintendents.

                                                                                                                 FOCUS COMMITTEES

Indigenous Education:

The Indigenous Education Committee consists of MASS members and community members from the Aboriginal communities in rural, northern and urban areas of Manitoba. The new mandate of this committee is to support the Call to Action in the MASS position paper on Aboriginal Education by meeting with Aboriginal organizations and committees from other educational partners and collecting resources for MASS members to use in implementation.

Mental Health and Wellbeing:

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Committee considers mental health and wellness concerns in our schools and informs and advises the Executive and the membership on how we can best support schools and school divisions and best advocate for students with mental or emotional health issues.

Early Childhood Education:

The Early Childhood Education Committee informs and advises the Executive and membership on the direction of early childhood education, developing and renewing a MASS position in this area as a basis for advocacy and action towards a comprehensive provincial framework for early childhood education which is based on research.