We offer a variety of resources for members and the public at large – please select from the categories below:

Leading Together

The manual has been developed to assist school boards, superintendents and secretary-treasurers to establish and maintain the effective working relationships needed to serve the evolving educational needs of children and communities within their jurisdictions

MASS Field Led Courses
Field Led Courses to provide School Leadership Programs for those interested in exploring different aspects of leadership and administration within the education system.

MASS in Motion
A bi-annual newsletter of MASS, published in Spring and Fall of each academic year.

MASS Journal     
This professionally produced semi-annual publication explores current themes in education from a Manitoba perspective. MASS members and their work in Manitoba school divisions are highlighted, along with articles from our educational partners in the field.

MASS publications are designed to foster and inform robust membership and public discussions of emergent educational importance. Publications include articles, reports and official MASS Discussion and Position Papers.

Public Awareness Campaigns
Access a series of downloadable Educational Blurbs for newsletters and videos in which Manitoba educators talk about the importance of public education.

Links to educational and partner organizations